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ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC , established in Dubai in May 2012 is one of the companies within the extremely dynamic and diverse Rways Group . Rways Group has a very wide network of agencies spread across the globe and have nearly 28 years experience in Shipping Agency Business.

ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC has been active in the Customs Clearance activity for well over 10 years now & has the necessary staff dedicated to carry out this function, all of whom have undergone training at Dubai Customs & are well versed with the requirements of the Customs Department & more importantly, the customer's. Our personnel have been carrying out clearing activities using the latest state-of-the-art E-mirsal-2 systems.
Services :
Full Load Movement (FCL)

ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC provides import and export services for FCL shipments to all destinations where our principals have their service.

ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC is an ambitious and dynamic shipping company with a unique concept combined with vast shipping experience to the benefit of its rapidly increasing number of clients worldwide.
Door To Door Services :
Door-to-Door Services refers to the movement of goods and products from the door (warehouse) of the seller / shipper to the door (warehouse) of the consignee / buyer.
The Door-To-Door Services Of Includes : ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC Includes.
  • It can arrange shipments anywhere offering the best options and rates available.
  • Import optimization solutions.
  • Air cargo movements.
  • Transportation from your factory to the port and customs clearance.
  • Haulage to your final destination.
Customs Clearance - Exports / Imports :
ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC handle all import and export permit requirements for goods. We provide all Pre and Post shipment services including guidance on export and import regulations, enabling clients to complete their commercial transactions without any hindrances in shortest possible duration.
ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC Customs Clearance Services Include :
  • Customs Documentation
  • Carting / Receiving Goods
  • Examination of Shipments - Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at ports and warehouse.
Trucking - Local / Intra Gulf / GCC - part or full load :
The transportation department of ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC owns a fleet of trucks and trailers used for local clearance and delivery. The company has built a dedicated transportation system that is flexible to changing market conditions and volumes, while delivering the highest level of service at competitive rates.
Special Handling Equipment :
ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC offers a one-stop shop for tailor-made solutions in logistics and maritime services. ZAF Shipping line Agents LLC has its own flat racks, open top vessels and containers for all destinations. Depending on the nature and size of the shipment, we provide our own specific equipment to all destinations.
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